How to get on the deep web:

1. Download tor browser to be anonymous (it uses proxy to mask your IP address, your IP has your geographical location!) Here is the link for the download: Tor Browser Download
2. Open Tor and load Dream Market
3. Create an account with username, password, and pin and save details in a notepad so you don't forget
4. Money used for buying and selling here is bitcoins so you'll need to send bitcoins to the wallet on your alphabay account, so I'm writing the step by step how I get and load my account with bitcoins in the next list.
5. Order whatever you want, but always be sure to check "encrypt with sellers PGP key" when you enter your address in the notebox for orders.

How to get bitcoins and load them to alphabay:
1. create an account at Virwox
2. Under the my account tab, click deposit. Deposit money through paypal to your account. (fees will be taken through the process of converting to bitcoins so calculate the price of what you want on alphabay (don't forget shipping) + 20% (multiply total price x 1.2))
3. Once deposited, it will redirect you to a page where at the top it says "You can now place a Sell Order to convert it to Linden$ (SLL)." Click that link highlighted on place a sell order.
4. I want to sell "X" USD hit next.
5. Click Place Order.
6. Go to the "exchange" tab on the left and click the bottom left option "BTC/SLL"
7. It automatically calculates the max amount you can order so hit next then place order.
8. Now under my account click "withdraw"
9. copy and paste your btc balance into the box, and copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address from your alphabay account (find by clicking the balance tab in alphabay), then click the request withdrawal button.
10. It will take 1-2 hours for the bitcoins to register in your alphabay account, but that's it. Easy process once you learn it.

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